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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms anechoic chambers home Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
anechoic chambers and audiometric rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms

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Designing & Manufacturing Noise Control Products for over 50 years

Eckel Noise Control Technologies

From product testing to research laboratory, Eckel noise control has played an integral role in technological advances in science, industry and commerce. Today, engineers and scientists utilise Eckel anechoic chambers and noise control products to improve the technology that affects our lives and the environment for our future.

Eckel supply, design and install hemi (semi) and anechoic chambers. Anechoic chamber are used in the research and development of products or conformation of noise emitted to comply with new legislation. Eckel chambers can be fitted with either metallic, fibreglass, foam, e-element or compact anechoic wedges/absorbers.

Further applications offered include Audiology Rooms and Suites, applicable for all manner of specific requirements such as brain stem audiometry, hearing aid evaluation, clinical and research applications.

Another area we support is double acting, shock absorbing traffic doors of exceptional durability, reliability, and economy. Ideal for manufacturing, retail, and catering environments


Noise Control


Eckel are world leaders in Noise Control, call us, our engineers are here to help.




News from Eckel

School Acoustics - Building Bulletin 93 or BB93


July 1st 2003 has now come and gone, and with it came sweeping changes to how we must now design and construct schools. The implications do not stop with BB93 being mandatory. Many items of research have shown that acoustic conditions within schools can have a profound impact on pupil's learning and staff performance. In turn, the requirements for BB93 are more onerous than in BB87, to assist in the Integration of those pupils with Special Educational Needs into mainstream schools, and to generally improve standards. To assist Schools and the education establishment, Eckel is able to offer the full service package - from design and survey services, to the design, manufacture and installation of the noise control products to solve any non compliance due to noise. Eckel can also provide any of the services individually as well as instrumentation sales to allow your own personnel to conduct their own investigations. read more information at



Noise at Work Solutions from Eckel



An updated directive was formally adopted in November 2002 which will allow members of the European Union three years to bring in the new Directive as Legislation. When the new regulations are introduced in 2005, they will repeal any existing Noise at Work Regulations. A quick summary of the changes are:

The 1st and 2nd Action Levels will be reduced by 5dB(A) to 80dB(A) and 85dB(A) respectively.

The Peak Action Level of 140dB(C) will be replaced with 1st and 2nd Peak Action Levels of 135dB(C) and 137dB(C) Peak respectively. A Maximum Exposure Level Limit of 87dB(A) and 140dB(C) Peak at the ear will be introduced which includes any hearing protection.
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