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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms anechoic chambers home Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
anechoic chambers and audiometric rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms

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ISO 9001

Designing & Manufacturing Audiology Rooms for over 50 years

Audiometric Booth


Standard Features

- 50mm Cam-Lock Panel System
- 690mm W x 1778mm H Door
- Universal LHH or RHH Door
- 580mm W x 580mm H Double Glazed Square
..Framed Window
- Pre-wired Electricity , Ready to Use
- Light Switch , Fan Switch
- Four 6.3mm Phone Jacks
- In-wall Ventilation
- Vibration Isolators / H.D. Casters
- Colour : Standard Eckel Beige
- Fully Demountable

audiometric booth

Eckel Audiometric Booths are the most practical and economical units available - high quality audiometric booths specially engineered to provide outstanding acoustic performance. The advanced design features cam-lock construction, which provides flexibility in moving, storing, and shipping.

The cam-lock design ensures that acoustic integrity, durability and utility remain intact. No other audiometric booth on the market offers this superior construction and quality. The booth is delivered assembled, ready to use. The knock-down packaging is offered as an option or for bulk export shipping.

The flush-mounted entry door with continuous magnetic seal allows the person being tested to enter and exit easily. Lighting, carpet, vibration isolators (heavy duty casters are optional), four universal 6.3 mm jack panel, and forced air ventilation are all standard.

The Eckel Audiometric AB-4200 Series booths
feature unique all-steel, cam-locking, interlocking
panel, 50mm construction.

Heavy flush-mounted door with continuous
perimeter magnetic seal. Universal door swing, LH
or RH hinge, can be changed in the field by
turning the door panel.

580 x 580mm square framed, double-glazed acoustic window. Interior sound absorbing barrier. Allows excellent visual observation and monitoring. Frame is removable for maintenance or glass replacement.

Silenced forced air ventilation is standard.
Ventilation is turned on when light is on. Noise
levels with ventilation comply with ANSI

Unit is pre-wired and includes 1829 mm 3-
wire extension cord which plugs into booth..
Lighting fixture incorporates light/fan switch. 120v -60Hz standard, 240v - 50Hz available on request.

Jack Panel
Standard panel includes four 6.3mm phone jacks;
more on request.

Standard finish is textured polyurethane enamel in light beige; other colours available on request at additional charge.

Commercial quality colour-coordinated carpet
provided for interior floor of booth.

Vibration Isolators
Neoprene in shear isolators mounted on steel
rails. Optional H.D. casters (2 swivel, 2 locking).

Single units are packaged assembled on a skid
and protected by H.D. carton, or bulk crated for


Weights & Measures Interior
W x D x H
W x D x H
AB-4230 600lbs / 273 Kg net
650lbs / 295 Kg ship. wt.
38" x 26" x 68"
965 x 660 x 1727mm
42" x 30" x 75" *
1067 x 762 x 1905mm
AB-4240 710lbs / 323 Kg net
760lbs / 345 Kg ship. wt.
38" x 36" x 68"
965 x 914 x 1727mm
42" x 40" x 75" *
1067 x 1016 x 1905mm

* Exterior height includes vibration isolators
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