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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms anechoic chambers home Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
anechoic chambers and audiometric rooms
Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms
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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms

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Noise Control
Panel Systems

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Noise Control Panel Systems

noise control panel systems

Dependable Service and Support
Eckel Architectural noise control panel systems are designed to provide effective control of reverberation and background noise in any architectural application from a small classroom or gym to a large coliseum, water treatment facility or industrial plant. Eckels designs offer the architect or acoustical consultant a range of products to select from to satisfy almost any noise control requirement in a wide range of applications. With over forty years experience in noise control, Eckel can provide a standard system or custom engineered design and guarantee the results. Engineering support services include acoustical analysis of building spaces. Room reverberation time calculations are offered as a service to architects and engineers utilizing our computer model room noise analysis program. Eckel can measure before and after room reverberation time and noise levels in a full range of frequencies from 125Hz to 8,000Hz when needed for correction of problems in existing facilities. Complete turn-key design, layout, engineering and installation are available.

Panel Systems

function sound absorbing panel
Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFP)
Attractive, sound absorbing, fire-resistant panels which can be spot located on walls or ceilings for effective noise control.

textured functional panels
Textured Functional Panels (TFP)
Quality Engineered acoustic treatment that combines functionality and aesthetics. For commercial office, retail and institutional environments.


acoustic lay-in panel
Acoustic Lay-In Panel (ALP)
High Performance Panel for use in grid ceiling systems where maximum sound absorption and indestructibility is desirable, such as computer rooms, broadcast studios, sanitariums, and music practice rooms.

facings and trim
Perforated Facings & Trim
Available in a variety of patterns, materials, gage, and finishes.


correctional panels Eckoustical Correctional Panels (ECP)
Strengthened, 2" thick, flat sound absorbing panel with special security fastening system.

customer sound absorption panels
Eckel can design, manufacture and install special noise control systems for auditoriums, coliseums, exposition halls, transit stations, or any facilities requiring custom acoustic treatment.
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