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Anechoic Chambers and Audiometry Rooms

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New Vehicle Hemi-Anechoic Chamber for Toyota (TMME)

New Vehicle Hemi-Anechoic Chamber for Toyota (TMME)

A new metal wedge hemi-anechoic chamber, designed and manufactured by Eckel Noise Control Technologies using their EMW metallic anechoic wedge system, has been supplied to the, Engineering and Training Centre, Belgium for Toyota (TMME). The chamber is used for NVH testing and for company service training for the Toyota and Lexus car ranges. Measuring internally 8600mm wide, 13750mm long and 3600mm high, the chamber has an internal ambient measured sound pressure level (Lp) of 18dB(A) and when tested to ISO 3745 a cut-off frequency of 125Hz is recorded. Eckel's EMW anechoic wedges have a perforated metal profile while the acoustic absorptive material within the wedge is encapsulated in an acoustically transparent non-woven fabric, which is chemically resistant and has a Class One fire rating. This eliminates fibre migration from the wedge without reducing its acoustical performance. Having a metal profile makes the EMW wedges robust and hard wearing, ideal for every day use within a non forgiving environment such as the automotive industry.

NEW VEHICLE HEMI-ANECHOIC CHAMBER FOR TOYOTA (TMME)The inner ceiling and walls are lined with Eckel's EMW anechoic wedges finish painted in white and red in access and important areas of the chamber. A further requirement of the project was to reduce the effect the dynamometer would have on the performance of the chamber, this was achieved by design application of Eckel's EFP'S absorpertive lining system and Eckel's damping sheet treatment. Both these products were installed within the dynamometer pit area.

The structure for the chamber utilised an existing test room built from reinforced concrete. Eckel used its know-how to turn this room into the ideal Vehicle Hemi anechoic chamber for Toyota's needs incorporating of a two wheel dynamometer, room ventilation, lighting, power, compressed air, and car exhaust extraction system. In order to optimise the performance of the chamber Eckel modular acoustic walls were built within the concrete room to modify the chambers geometry to further optimise the overall performance. Access into the chamber was provided by single and double leaf acoustic door sets.

Jos Pappaert, Toyota's NVH Manager, commented: 'The potential disruption that an installation of this kind could cause was kept to a minimum - Ahead of program, Eckel arrived on site, I had the keys to a high performance test chamber that had been finished ahead of time and within budget. The chamber is now in daily use as a benchmark tool and training aid for our engineers. Eckel Noise Control Technologies is celebrating 50 Years (1952 to 2002) of service to Industry. A Global Company.

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